Village Administration is conducting Village business - the Office is currently CLOSED to the Public - call 513.561-7097 for assistance

Building & Zoning Commissioner

 Gerry Stoker
 [email protected]
 (513) 561-7097 or (513) 884-0891 (cell)

The Building & Zoning Commissioner will assist you from the concept phase; to approval of your permit, through completion of your project.  Please call regarding your building or zoning needs.

The purpose of managing our own Building Department is to simplify and expedite the process.  Building Commissioner Gerry Stoker will perform inspections and answer your questions in a timely and informative manner.

If you are interested in opening a new business in the Village of Newtown, please call Building & Zoning Commissioner Gerry Stoker to ensure zoning compliance for your business and construction needs.

FAQ’s Residential & Commercial (1) Building and Zoning (1)

Building & Zoning Office

 3537 Church Street, Newtown, OH 45244
 (513) 561-7097, ext 13
 (513) 561-7555
 Monday and Wednesday: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Building & Zoning Appeals

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Board of Zoning Appeals Variance Application






Yard Sale Permit Is Required

A yard sale permit is $5.00 and may be obtained from the Village Hall M-F (8:00am to 4:00pm). Cash and checks are accepted; please make check payable to “Village of Newtown.” The receipt serves as your permit. Residents are allowed (3) three yard sales per year. The yard sale is NOT to extend beyond (3) three consecutive days. There are three weekends a permit is not required: 1) first weekend in May, 2) Father’s Day weekend and 3) first weekend in October.

YARD SALE signs are NOT permitted in the right-of-way and will be removed by Newtown Maintenance Department.  Please remove all signs at the end of your sale.

Zoning Regulation

Newtown-Zoning Map March 6 2018


Building & Zoning Permits and Fees

Building Zoning Permit Application


Please submit (4) four copies of your plans along with the Building/Zoning Permit Application and Income Tax Bureau Registration forms by emailfax, or in person to:

Assistant to the Mayor and Website Administrator

 Becky Fairley
 [email protected]


Village Office – Municipal Center

 (513) 561-7097
 3537 Church Street, Newtown, Ohio 45244
 (513) 561-7555