Newtown Mayor & Council

  • Mayor Mark Kobasuk

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    Mark has been a resident of Newtown since 1998 with his wife and three children.  He is an attorney with over 26 years of experience.

    Mark Kobasuk began serving as Mayor of the Village of Newtown January 1, 2016.  He was first appointed to Council in 2005 and then elected to a four-year term on the Village of Newtown Council in 2006.  Mark was then re-elected for another four-year term beginning in January 2010 and January 2014.  Mayor Kobasuk is committed to developing the Village consistent with its historic character, attracting new business and improving the quality of life in Newtown.  He is opposed to any increase in taxes for Village residents. Feel free to contact Mayor Kobasuk with comments or concerns.

    Serving Council Committees: Planning Commission, Planning Zoning Review Board and the Newtown Records Committee.

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  • Vice Mayor, Council Member Don Carroll

    Don has been a resident of the Village of Newtown since 2004, and has two adult children. Don is an attorney, and has 35 years of experience in the financial services industry with both PNC and Fifth Third.

    Don was appointed in August 2017 to the Council seat vacated by Joe Harten. He was elected to a full term on Council in November, 2017. He was a Newtown resident representative on the Village Planning Commission and Board of Tax Review from 2016-2017. He was appointed Council representative on the Village Planning Commission in January, 2018. He is a former Chairman of the Hamilton County Mental Health Board, and currently Treasurer of the Ivy Hills Clusters HOA. He also serves on several non-profit boards outside of the Cincinnati area. Don is a graduate of the University of Toledo, and the University of Toledo College of Law.

    Don is committed to serving the entire Village of Newtown, maintaining a balanced budget, continuing to maintain and improve the Village infrastructure while preserving its historic nature, and creating an environment that continues to attract new businesses to the Village.

    Serving Council Committees: Vice Mayor, Planning, Zoning and Development (Chair), Parks and Recreation and Public Safety.

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  • Council Member Daryl Zornes

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    Daryl Zornes has been a village resident for 42 years. Married to Wilma, they have three daughters, two granddaughters and three grandsons.

    Daryl is a retired Police Chief, having served 34 years with the Newtown Police Division. Daryl retired from active service in March 2007, and immediately accepted a position with the largest independent financial services company in North America, Primerica Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. Since joining Primerica, Daryl has earned four promotions. Daryl also works at the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office, Investigations Section.

    Daryl was elected to a third 4-year term on Council, commencing January 2016.

    During his term, Daryl’s goals are to continue concentrating on transportation issues, be a voice on council for residents and businesses alike, and to work closely with the Finance Committee, as well as Planning/Zoning officials to build and strengthen the economic future of Newtown.

    Throughout his years of public service, Daryl has built a reputation of honesty and integrity with the residents and business owners. He has learned to listen to the concerns of the citizens, and act with their best interests in mind. Daryl wants to continue to foster his relationship with the citizens while serving on the Village Council. Feel free to contact Daryl by phone or email.

    Serving Council Committees: Public Safety (Chair), Finance/Ordinances/Audit, Planning/Zoning and Development.

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  • Council Member Chuck Short

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    Chuck has been a life-long resident of the Village of Newtown.  He is an active member of the Shrine Hospital Board of Governors, Greater Newtown Civic League, Newtown Veterans Association and other Village civic committees.  Married and the co-owner of Buckeye Financial Services, Inc.  Chuck was first appointed to Council 9-27-2011, then elected to serve a four-year term beginning January 2012 and re-elected to serve a second four-year term beginning January 2016. He is committed to the growth of small business while safeguarding the warmth that makes Newtown such a great place to live and raise a family.

    Serving Council Committees: Human Resources (Chair), Public Safety, Parks and Recreation

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  • Council Member Curt Tiettmeyer

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    Curt and his family have been residents of Newtown since 2002. He is a retired banker with over 35 years experience.

    Curt was elected to Council for a four year term beginning January 2010, re-elected to another four year term beginning January 2014 and re-elected to serve another four years on Council in November, 2017. During 2013, Curt served as the lead Councilmember for the new Municipal Center / American Indian Education Center Project.

    Curt is committed to maintaining a sound financial position for the village, attracting new businesses to our community and improving the quality of life in Newtown.

    Serving Council Committees: Finance/Ordinances/Audit (Chair), Public Service (Streets) and Human Resources and Communications

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  • Council Member Terry Fairley

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    Terry has been a proud resident of the Village of Newtown since 2001 and has two boys.  He has over 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience with Unilever, one of the largest consumer products companies in the world.  Terry is an Eagle Scout and has gladly given back to the community serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster. Terry values the Newtown community and is a member of St. John Fisher Catholic church.

    On January 26, 2016, Terry was appointed to the open council seat vacated by Mark Kobasuk, who is now Mayor. Before his appointment to Council, Terry served as the Newtown resident-representative on the Board of Trustees of the Little Miami Fire and Rescue District.  Terry was elected to serve a full four-year term on Village Council in November, 2017 and appreciates your support. His goals for the Village include enhancing the business climate to attract and grow new and existing businesses while keeping the quaint “small town” atmosphere for the residents. He will strive to assist with improving and making our parks an attraction for all residents, and working to maintain Newtown’s first-class safety services.  Terry is committed to serve the people and strives to be a true representative of the people of Newtown. He endeavors to be the people’s voice while on council and pledges to be fiscally responsible.

    Serving Council Committees:  Chair of Public Service (Streets), Finance/Ordinances/Audit, Planning, Zoning and Development.

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  • Council Member Sarah Williams

    Sarah and her family have been residents of Newtown since 2003.  She has been married to her husband, David, for 27 years and they have two teenage children.  Prior to raising a family, Sarah had a 15-year career in Human Resources.

    Sarah was elected to a four-year term on Council beginning January, 2018.  She previously served as a member of the Village Board of Zoning Appeals.

    Dedicated to serving the entire Village of Newtown, Sarah will work to maintain the quality historical features of Newtown while looking forward to the Village’s future with an aggressive eye on fiscal responsibility.

    Serving Council Committees: Parks and Recreation (Chair), Public Service (Streets), Human Resources and Communications and Board of Zoning Appeals

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