FIREWORKS - New State Law (Effective 7/1/2022) - fireworks remains ILLEGAL under local ordinance
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The Neighborhoods of Newtown

The neighborhoods in Newtown offer something for everyone, from quaint/established to newer homes.


FIREWORKS - New State Law (Effective 7/1/2022)

A new state law went into effect on July 1, 2022 that allows Ohioans to discharge consumer-grade fireworks (1.4G) on approximately 20 specific holidays/days designated by the Ohio legislature.  Prior to the passage of this law, it was illegal for anyone other than a licensed fireworks exhibitor to discharge fireworks in Ohio.

The new law allows cities, villages, and townships to implement further restrictions or “opt-out” of the law completely.  For communities that opt-out, the discharge of consumer-grade fireworks remains illegal under local ordinance.  The Village of Newtown reviewed the new law and consulted with its police chief and the Anderson Township fire chief.  Village Council also considered the density of its neighborhoods, the impact that fireworks may have on veterans living in the Village, and the effects fireworks can have on some pets.  After weighing these considerations, Village Council voted to “opt-out” of the new law at its June 14, 2022 council meeting, thus maintaining the status quo and continuing its ban on the discharge of consumer grade fireworks in the Village.  Any person who discharges such fireworks in the Village, even on the days that the state legislature would allow, will be in violation of Newtown’s ban on the discharge of fireworks set forth in Section 91.02(B) of the Ohio Basic Code and may be cited by the police department.

Newtown Pet Owners

Remember, it’s your responsibility to leash your pet. Please be considerate of your neighbor’s property and clean up after your pet when you walk. An Ordinance is in place prohibiting the barking or yelping of a dog continuously for a period of  three minutes.  Violators of this ordinance shall be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

Temporary Street Closure (Block Parties)

Ordinance and Regulations

Submit the below application with $25 fee (payable to Village of Newtown) to Becky Fairley at [email protected] 

Temporary Street Closing Application

Yard Sale Permit

A yard sale permit is $5.00 and may be obtained from the  Municipal Building M-F (7:30am to 4:00pm). Cash and checks are accepted; please make check payable to “Village of Newtown.” The receipt serves as your permit. Residents are allowed (3) three yard sales per year. The yard sale is not to extend beyond (3) three consecutive days.

There are three weekends a permit is not required:

  1. First weekend in May
  2. Father’s Day weekend
  3. First weekend in October.

Yard Sale signs are not permitted in the right-of-way and will be removed by the Newtown Maintenance Department.  Please remove all signs at the end of your sale.

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