Ohio EPA Meeting About Hamilton County Asphalt Plant Permit (Valley Asphalt, 7940 Main Street, Newtown)

A virtual public hearing will be held on Wednesday, April 21 at 6 p.m. regarding Valley Asphalt’s request for an air permit that would allow the company to replace an existing hot mix asphalt plant with a plant of identical production capacity.  Written comments can be submitted during the public hearing or until 5 pm on April 26 by emailing Michael Kramer at [email protected].

Valley Asphalt 4-7-21

Comments on Draft Air Pollution Permit-to-Install and Operate (PTIO) P0129277 (Comments by Mayor Mark Kobasuk)

2021.02.17 Final comment letter.pdf


Eastern Corridor SR 32 Road Improvements Info – Citizen Input Requested

Eastern Corridor – SR 32 Road Improvements – Citizen Input Requested 

            The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) unveiled preliminary plans for road improvements in the Village.  The preliminary plans are posted on the Village website and envision (i) a dual southbound left turn lane at the Round Bottom and Main (SR 32) intersection and two east bound lanes to Little Dry Run Road, (ii) a right turn lane onto Little Dry Run Road and intersection improvements, and (iii) a widening of SR 32 from Little Dry Run Road to the eastern edge of the Village for a center turn lane, and (iv) a shared use path for pedestrians and bicycles connecting Little Dry Run to the Village center and the Lake Barber trail. Construction would not commence until 2024 or 2025, and no funds have been secured for the actual road construction at this time.  Preliminary plans can be viewed and commented upon at a virtual open house using the link publicinput.com/K5746.  This open house will be open for comments between February 14 and March 22, 2021.   Additionally, a separate virtual open house is available for planned intersection improvements at SR 32 & Eight Mile Road and can be found at publicinput.com/N4648 (The Eight Mile Road intersection open house will be open for comments between February 7 and March 15, 2021).  ODOT would appreciate comments and feedback on both projects.

“Proposed ODOT improvements in the Village of Newtown on SR-32 from Round Bottom to the eastern Village corp. limit.


Posted 05.26.2020

Village Administration is conducting business – at this time, the Office is Closed to the Public. Call 513.561-7097 for assistance.

Direct Administrative/Mayoral inquiries to:

([email protected])

Direct Financial and Tax inquiries to: ([email protected])

Direct Building/Zoning inquiries to:

([email protected])

Direct Street inquiries to: ([email protected])





Council meetings are currently taking place via Zoom Meetings.

At this time we anticipate no interruption in police, fire and maintenance services in the Village.  We also expect Rumpke waste collection services to remain on schedule.

Information and questions regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) can be directed to a statewide phone number and websites at:  1-833-427-5634

www.coronavirus.ohio.gov    coronavirus.gov  http://www.hamiltoncountyohioema.org/alert/

Coronavirus Pandemic Child Care Information for Families – Ohio Department Job and Family Services visit: http://jfs.ohio.gov/cdc/CoronavirusAndChildcareForFamilies/

The Ohio Department of Health issued a Director’s Order to close all bars and restaurants to in-house patrons.  Restaurants with take-out and delivery options are still permitted to operate those services.  Employees who are not offered paid leave through their job, as well as those who have been quarantined by a medical professional, their employer, or whose employers must temporarily close may qualify for unemployment compensation under Governor DeWine’s executive order for enhanced unemployment aid for Ohioans.

In order to help small businesses, the Ohio Development Services Agency is preparing to submit an application in the coming week to qualify Ohio for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. This program provides low-interest loans up to $2 million in order to help businesses overcome the temporary loss of revenue during the state of emergency.

In order to complete the state’s application, businesses impacted by the current public health crisis should immediately send their contact information to [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>. Additional information on the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program is available at SBA.gov/Disaster.

Another resource for small businesses is the link below with information about COVID-19 from the U.S. Small Business Administration:

Please support your local businesses during these difficult times.

Hamilton County Small Business Relief Program Hamilton County Small Business Grant Program

Disaster Declaration for Small Businesses:   https://hcdc.com/request-from-sba-and-the-state-of-ohio/

Gov DeWine, Lt Gov Husted submit formal request for SBA



PLAN NEWTOWN – A New Vision for the Village!

The Village is updating its Comprehensive Plan! 

For up-to-date info on PLAN NEWTOWN, please visit: https://plannewtown.com/engage/


Stay up to date on upcoming news and events about the comprehensive plan at:  www.PlanNewtown.com




The steering committee is established specifically to serve as a representative group of the citizens and businesses of Newtown to provide insight, active discussion, and consideration of important topics essential to the creation of the updated comprehensive plan.

As a member of the steering committee you are agreeing to:
• Attended the scheduled meetings. (5-6 over the next 8 months)
• Review provided documents and materials in advance of scheduled meetings where they will be discussed.
• Come prepared with questions and comments to discuss with the committee and planning consultant.
• Participate in civil and open dialogue about challenging topics for which there may be many or opposing perspectives.
• Serve as a liaison to your neighbors and social networks to help spread awareness of opportunities for participation in the planning process.
• Bring important topics and issues to the attention of the committee and consultants when you feel they have not been adequately discussed with the committee.
• Direct any request from the media for comments to city officials.
• Communicate to Village staff and consultants any concerns you may have which you feel cannot be discussed with the whole committee.

• Meetings will be facilitated by planning consultants and will generally be 1.5 to 2 hours.
• Meetings will include presentation of relevant milestone deliverables and information as well as group exercises and discussion of topics by the committee members.
• Voting and ranking exercises may be used as appropriate to generate general consensus on topics and plan direction.
• Iterative drafts of critical plan documents will be provided to the committee for your review and comment, any issues which are not resolved among the steering committee members will be presented to planning commission as topics for their direction.
• Some participation may occur via electronic distribution and responses.
• All documents will be made available online at www.PlanNewtown.com, a site specifically dedicated to the plan.

STEERING COMMITTEE OVERVIEW AND SCHEDULE | TENTATIVE MEETING SCHEDULE  (Located at Village Municipal Building,) unless otherwise discussed.

The Steering Committee have met three times with the remaining below two dates for 2019. Meetings take place Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00P.M. with some meetings going until 8:30 if needed.

1. November 6, 2019
2. December 4, 2019


The time of day, and location are to be determined, and the date may change based on committee input and direction.
• Policy Exploration Workshop- October 23, 2019  (See above Workshop info)
• Open House (Plan Review)-January 22, 2020



All meeting dates, documents produced in the process, and content presented at meetings will be posted on the project website www.PlanNewtown.com.
We will also email you when new content is posted or if meetings change from the listed dates above.



Newtown Fill Update

Statement from Mayor Kobasuk – statement has been reviewed by Hamilton County Public Health, the regulator of the landfill.  8/20/2019


Newtown Fill


Newtown Fill is a construction and demolition debris (“C&DD”) landfill regulated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (“OEPA”) and Hamilton County Public Health.  Newtown Fill is defined as 39.92 acres in the Village of Newtown.  An annual license to operate is required to construct and operate a C&DD landfill in Ohio.  Newtown Fill’s 2019 license signed by the Health Commissioner for Hamilton County is attached.

C&DD landfills receive materials resulting from the construction or demolition of man-made structures.  C&DD does not include any material that is a hazardous waste, infectious waste or material removed from the structure prior to demolition.  C&DD does not include any solid waste other than specifically allowed in law and rule.

The final grade of Newtown Fill including capping is set at the elevation of 596 feet.  The elevation of the roadway at Little Dry Run is 542 feet, so Newtown Fill can be approximately 54 feet above the roadway at an interior point approximately 215 feet from the base of the landfill.  Newtown Fill is approved for a 4:1 slope, which means for every one foot of elevation there are four feet of horizontal distance.  A 2017 survey showed the current grade at approximately 576 feet, which means that Newtown Fill had at that time the ability to place up to 18 feet of additional debris (followed by 2-foot cap) onto the property before it reached its maximum height restrictions. Additional debris and soil have been placed since the 2017 survey, so actual remaining height is less than 18 feet.  A survey of Newtown Fill is required in 2019 and the survey must be submitted prior to or with the 2020 license application.

Newtown Fill has recently removed some trees and vegetation along SR32.  Newtown Fill is clearing some of the vegetation on its property in order to survey the final grade and slope so it can cover the south side of the landfill with dirt.  According to Hamilton County Public Health, the operator has indicated that much of the south side of Newtown Fill along SR 32 should be covered with dirt by the end of the summer.

The Village’s understanding from Hamilton County Public Health is that Newtown Fill is operating in compliance with the rules and regulations for C&DD landfills.

The current Village of Newtown Zoning Code does not permit landfills.  Newtown Fill dates back several decades and is considered a legally non-conforming use and is permitted to operate.

Attached is a 2019 presentation to the Village by Hamilton County Public Health regarding C&DD landfills.  The presentation depicts a covered C&DD landfill.

Questions on Newtown Fill should be directed to Hamilton County Public Health at (513) 946-7879.


Newtown Landfill C&DD Landfills 4-9-19.pdf 1pp