How to Add, Edit, & Delete Announcements

  1. Adding
    1. Go to the Announcements section
    2. Click the Add New Button
    3. Add a Title
    4. Enter the announcment
    5. To publish at a future date
      1. Click Edit next to Publish immediately
      2. Chose the date and time you would like the announcment to appear
      3. Click OK
    6. Click the blue Publish (or Schedule) button
  2. Editing
    1. Select the annoucement you'd like to edit
    2. Make any neccesary changes
    3. Click the blue Update button
  3. Deleting
    1. To permantly delete an announcement
      1. Either hover over the announcement and click the red Trash link that appears below
      2. Or if in the announcment edit page, choose the red Move to Trash link next to the blue Update Button
    2. To remove an announcement from the front end so visitors do not see it but you can then put back in the future
      1. Select the announcement you'd like to remove
      2. Click the blue edit button next to Status: Published
      3. select Draft
      4. Click OK
      5. Alternatively, you could change the publish date to one in the futre, the announcement will not be shown until that date.