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Current Openings

The Newtown Police Department is currently accepting applications for Part-Time Police Officer.

Please fill out the application and submit to:

Newtown Police Department
Attn: Recruiting Section
3536 Church St.
Newtown, OH 45244

The Newtown Police Department is always looking for qualified men and women to join the team. Do you have the dedication, morals, and core values that exemplify what it means to be a Newtown Police Officer?

Mission Statement

“The officers of the Newtown Police Department, with the partnership and support of the citizens and community, will provide exceptional law enforcement by adhereing to our core values. The Newtown Police Department will professionally and proactively reduce the incidents of crime in a fair and just manner, bring resolutions to community problems, and safeguard rights; which will empower us to improve and preserve a high quality of life for all.“

Vision Statement

The Newtown Police Department will strive to be a model law enforcement agency through its commitment to excellence. We will be cognizant of our future expectations; encouraging per-sonal and professional growth and education within the department regardless of rank. We will foster an atmosphere of partnership in order to plan and strive for excellence, realizing that our daily decisions will reflect on the future of our department. We will optimize the use ofpolice resources not only to better the police department, but to better the community. Lastly, the department as a whole will guarantee to be progressive,to adapt, and to accommodate to a changing world in order to better serve the community through duty and honor.


The Newtown Police Department’s core values are the standards by which we hold ourselves accountable both on and off duty, regardless of rank or standing, to uphold our Mission and Vision.


Acceptance of accountability within our personal and professional lives; uncompromising adher-ence to high moral and ethical ideals, an active regard for standards of professionalism, as well as not evading responsibility by finding excuses for poor performance or bad judgment.


A pledge of loyalty and devotion to the department and community, as well as a commitment to consistently exceed the department’s expectations, resulting in self-worth.


With recognition that the mutual effort of the department and the community is essential for effective, efficient, and responsive law enforcement; the department, will lead by example, in joint operation and action with the citizens through good communication and teamwork to assist the community as well as any other public or police agency.


Soundness of mind and body, including but not limited to the physical ability to perform one’s duty, advanced training, and a strong work ethic to decrease the perception of weakness.


Providing the highest degree of service to the citizens of Newtown through fairness of decisions, knowledge of the job, and proficiency with equipment. An obligation of the department and the community to be liable and to account for one’s conduct as well as maintaining an image that reflects pride in law enforcement and steadfastness in one’s ability. Taking the Mission and the Vision of the Newtown Police Department to heart; living and allowing these ideals to guide offi-cers in daily activities. Watching out for fellow officers and not compromising officer safety, to ensure each officer will go home at the end of the watch.