Energy Aggregation Program

Our community overwhelmingly voted for Natural Gas and/or Electric Aggregation at the ballot on 11.04.2014.  Village Council adopted a Plan of Operation for both programs and entered into an agreement with Energy Alliances to provide consulting services for obtaining the natural gas supply and electric generation and supply for each program.  As of 4.01.2015, Dynegy, formerly Duke Energy Retail, is the supplier for electric aggregation.  Constellation NewEnergy, formerly Constellation is the supplier for the natural gas aggregation.

Price and terms for gas aggregation may change from year to year; therefore, letters will go out to the residents on a yearly basis to inform them of the current price.   Price and terms for the electric aggregation are fixed through December 2020, after which a new price/term will be determined and letters will go out to the residents to inform them of the new price at that time.


Newtown Natural Gas Aggregation Program ANNOUNCEMENT – 5.2019




Door-to-Door Solicitation permits are required to go door-to-door.  Since the energy aggregation program has been adopted, it is unlikely additional energy applicants will be approved to solicit in the Village of Newtown.  Neither of the above companies will actively solicit in the community for programs outside of the aggregation.  Please call the Municipal Building or Newtown Police Department if solicitors selling energy aggregation come to your home.  Many residents forget they opted into a program outside of the aggregation and confuse this for solicitation. Please read offers received by U.S. Mail carefully and choose the best option for your situation.


FAQ Energy Aggregation


ATTENTION RESIDENTS:  Constellation Natural Gas Aggregation Sept 2018 thru August 2019